Welcome to the website of SchermCentrum Amsterdam (Fencing Center Amsterdam), better known as SCA. We are proud to be a very ‘international’ club, with members from all over the world. Since we are located in the capital of the Netherlands, this is not surprising. In this English section you will find practical information regarding SCA. This includes training hours, location, fees, etc. If you are looking to join a fencing club in Amsterdam you will find all the information you need about SCA right here.

About fencing

Fencing is a modern and exciting sport in which the goal is to score points by hitting your opponent with your weapon, called a touché, without being hit yourself. Fencing is also an ancient sport, developing from the (often deadly) dueling of past centuries. Nowadays, fencers are safe from harm due to high quality protective equipment and modified weaponry. The skills required for a fencer have not changed though: strategy, technique, coordination, speed, balance, concentration and many more. Respect and sportsmanship are both very important: before and after a bout both fencers salute each other and the referee.
Fencing is for everybody. The three weapons used in modern fencing: foil, epee and sabre, are all Olympic disciplines for men and women. Whether you start very young or way into adulthood, you will be able to learn the sport and participate recreationally or competitively.

About SCA

On January 1st 2005 two Amsterdam fencing schools with a rich tradition, Van Oeveren and En Garde, merged to form SCA. Combining forces enabled the members to have more training hours, better facilities and a larger variety of sparring partners. In May 2017, neighboring fencing club RANA became part of SCA.
Over the years, SCA has developed into a lively club with over 200 members of all ages and levels. Our members are beginners, recreational fencers, competitive fencers and veterans. Our competitive fencers have won many titles in all age categories at the National Championships, and have participated in World Cups, European and World Championships and even the Olympics. It is our tradition to mix the different groups of fencers as much as possible which creates a friendly competitive atmosphere.

How to start

New arrivals can join one of our introduction courses. The introduction course consists of 4 lessons of 1 hour each, aimed at familiarizing absolute beginners with the sport. At the end of the course participants know the basics of fencing and are proficient enough to take regular classes. More information about our introduction courses can be found here (in Dutch). For more info and assistance, please email or call us at +31 (0)6 12997169.

If no introduction courses are scheduled, we offer two free trial lessons during our regular classes. Although not specifically aimed at complete beginners, the classes will give you a good impression of the sport and our club.

After your introduction, you can sign up to become a member of SCA and participate in all classes available. We advise doing at least two training sessions per week, including the beginners class on Mondays.

Fencing equipment can be borrowed from SCA for about four months after becoming a member. We can assist you in purchasing your own equipment, either a complete set or in parts.

Training hours

Monday20:00-22:00Adults beginnersMatthijsFrans Otten Stadion
Tuesday18:00-19:00Youth <11Matthijs & DaniëlFrans Otten Stadion
Tuesday19:00-20:30Youth <15Matthijs, Daniël & BertFrans Otten Stadion
Tuesday20:30-22:30AdultsMatthijs, Daniël & BertFrans Otten Stadion
Wednesday16:30-17:45Youth <11DaniëlApollohal
Wednesday17:45-19:00Youth <15DaniëlApollohal
Thursday18:00-19:00Youth <11Matthijs & DaniëlFrans Otten Stadion
Thursday19:00-20:30Youth <15Matthijs & DaniëlFrans Otten Stadion
Thursday20:30-22:30AdultsMatthijs, Daniël & ArashFrans Otten Stadion
Friday19:00-until desiredYouth <11 and youth <15Matthijs & DaniëlFrans Otten Stadion
Friday20:00-22:00AdultsMatthijs & DaniëlFrans Otten Stadion

All classes start exactly on time!


SCA fences in the beautiful “Bep van der Pol zaal” in the Frans Otten Stadion (FOS) named after Mrs. Bep van der Pol, honorary member of SCA and an active fencer well into her seventies. The hall is equipped with eight electric fencing strips (official size), a mirror wall and a wooden floor. SCA also uses the hall regularly outside training times for small tournaments and social events. For members who want to keep their weapons and equipment at the club, lockers are available for rent.

Besides fencing, The Frans Otten Stadion hosts a tennis and squash club, aerobics and fitness facilities and meeting rooms.
A lively and high quality bar forms the center of the FOS and of course all general facilities such as dressing rooms and showers are of good quality as well. There is plenty of parking space for €3 per visit.

On Wednesdays, SCA trains at the Apollohal (former location of fencing club RANA). The spacious fencing hall is fitted with fencing strips for electric fencing. The Apollohal has changing and showering facilities. Paid parking is available in the surrounding streets.


SCA has four different types of membership and offers a floor fee for non-members:

Youth <18€29 per month
Student (student ID)€35 per month
Adults€41 per month
Guest membership (if already a member of another fencing club in the Netherlands)*€22 per month
Floor fee (excluding individual lesson)€10 per training

*Guest members do not receive individual lessons from the SCA trainers and cannot participate in the club championships or club meetings.

The membership fee will be collected through direct debit, for which members have given their permission on the club registration form, once per quarter year in the second month of the quarter.

You can sign up for membership by filling in the registration form at the club, or downloading it from this page and handing it in during your next visit.

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Besides the monthly club membership fee every member will be automatically registered with the KNAS, the Dutch National Fencing Federation, and the yearly membership fee will also be collected through direct debit. For 2018, the membership fee of the KNAS is €28.75 for fencers up to age 20 and €57.50 for fencers age 21 and over. The KNAS uses this contribution to support clubs and tournaments, inform the fencing community through a website and create and maintain training facilities for professional fencers.

Cancellation of membership

To cancel your membership, an email must be send to leden@schermcentrumamsterdam.nl. Cancellation by notifying the trainers is not possible. There is a one month notice. Our members administration will confirm your cancellation if all outstanding fees are paid in full. If you wish to transfer to another fencing club in the Netherlands during the year, we can transfer your current KNAS membership to the new club.

Please note: without proper cancellation of membership members are required to pay the monthly fee even when not coming to training.


Please feel free to contact us for additional information. We can be reached at:

SchermCentrum Amsterdam (SCA)
Frans Otten Stadion
IJsbaanpad 43
1076 CV Amsterdam

Internet: www.schermcentrumamsterdam.nl
Email: info@schermcentrumamsterdam.nl
Phone: +31 (0)6 12997169