3x Gold at the NK Equipe Championships! Updated Training Times for Dec

Dear members,

In this newsletter we are sharing an update in the training schedule, now until 22 December. In addition, we are looking back at the Dutch team championships (NK Equipe) in Zutphen, where SCA won three gold medals!


NK Equipe
SCA again performed well at the NK Equipe in Zutphen on 28 November, winning three gold medals in men’s sabre, women’s sabre and men’s foil! For the men’s foil team, it was the ninth time in a row that they won the title, beating Holland Schermen in the final with 45-31. The women’s sabre team also successfully defended their title, winning for the third time. In men’s sabre, SCA won for the second time in a row, beating Surtout in a very exciting final with 45-44! Our women’s foil team unfortunately didn’t get the chance to defend their title, as the competition was cancelled due to too low participation. They are looking forward to going for gold again next year!

Men’s foil

  • Daniël Giacon
  • Dirk Jan van Egmond
  • Teun Jans-Köhneke
  • Suhayl Nawar

Men’s sabre

  • Bote Schaafsma
  • Alexie Alupei
  • Daniël Nivard
  • Nandor-Peter Nyiri

Women’s sabre

  • Laura Talbot
  • Maria Xiaoman Li
  • Anne Spijker
  • Fleur van Laere 


Training schedule 10 December until 22 December

Friday 10 December
15:30-17:00 youth

Saturday 11 December
10:00-12:00 seniors

Sunday 12 December
12:00-14:00 seniors

Monday 13 December
15:30-17:00 youth

Tuesday 14 December
9:30-11:30 seniors

Wednesday 15 December
7:00-8:30 seniors
9:00-10:30 seniors
15:30-17:00 youth

Friday 17 December
15:30-17:00 youth

Sunday 19 December
13:30-15:15 seniors(14+)
15:15-17:00 seniors(14+)

Monday 20 December
15:30-17:00 youth

Tuesday 21 December
9:30-11:30 seniors

Wednesday 22 December
7:00-8:30 seniors
9:00-10:30 seniors
15:30-17:00 youth

We also updated the sign-up form for the senior training sessions, which can be found here.

We hope to see a lot of you again during the training sessions!

See you on the piste soon!

SchermCentrum Amsterdam