Corona measures at SCA

How is SCA responding to the Covid-19 situation?

Update October 17

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Dear members,

NOC-NSF and the KNAS have provided more details about what the new corona measures mean for sports and fencing specifically. The KNAS protocol can be found here. Based on this protocol, the SCA board and the trainers have been thinking about what the training sessions will look like the coming period.

Starting 19 October, the training sessions will look like this:

  • All already existing corona-measures remain applicable (washing hands, keeping a sufficient distance, etc.).
  • The youth training sessions will continue without changes. Fencers younger than 18 who normally train with the seniors are allowed to join the “youth 2” training sessions..
  • The training sessions for seniors (18+) will be organized in an adapted form: only physical training and foot work. Fencing is unfortunately not possible.
  • The senior training sessions are accessible for all members, no matter weapon or experience. However, each training session will have a theme, based on a certain weapon or level. These themes are listed below.
  • For the senior training sessions, we would like to ask fencers to bring their own weapon, glove (if in possession) and a filled water bottle. If you own a jumping rope and/or yoga mat, we would like to ask you to bring those as well.
  • There is a maximum number of places available per senior training session. We will be working with an online subscription form via
  • For now, you can only subscribe for one training per week. Please do cancel if you are not able to join a training session after all, so someone else can subscribe in your place. A new subscription form will be made available online every Saturday around 12:00


Training Schedule:

Monday (Frans Otten Stadion)
19:00-20:00 Senior beginners foil
20:15-21:15 Senior advanced foil and sabre

Tuesday (Frans Otten Stadion)
18:00-19:00 Youth 1
19:00-20:30 Youth 2
20:45-21:45 Senior recreational epee

Wednesday (Apollohal)
16:30-17:45 Youth 1
17:45-19:00 Youth 2
19:15-20:15 Senior recreational foil and sabre

Thursday (Frans Otten Stadion)
18:00-19:00 Youth 1
19:00-20:30 Youth 2
20:45-21:45 Senior sabre recreational and advanced

Friday (Frans Otten Stadion)
19:00-21:00 Youth mixed

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Questions about the measures at SCA? First check whether they have been answered below.

What does SCA expect from parents and caretakers?

Because the facilities of the FOS remain closed, we ask parents to arrange as much in advance as possible. For example, make sure that children are already dressed for fencing, that they have been to the toilet, and that they have a filled water bottle.

Drop off and pick up
Parents are not allowed to be present in the fencing hall. Parents are therefore requested to drop off children at the fencing hall before training. After the training, parents are expected to pick up their children on time. Pay attention to the distance of one and a half meters.

When are you allowed to train?

Does your child have a cold? Stay at home. Has there been any recent contact with a corona patient? Stay at home. Only together can we fight the coronavirus.

Where do the fencing classes take place?

The fencing classes take place in the fencing hall of the Frans Otten Stadium. For childern the entrance is via the building, for adults via the doors of the fencing hall overlooking the grass field. Please note that the facilities of the Frans Otten Stadium are not accessible during this period.

To what should members be attentive?

In order to be able to exercise safely together, it is important that we follow the RIVM guidelines. That means that you have to stay at home when you have an illness or a cold. You should also wash your hands before and after a workout. And always keep a distance of one and a half meters – before, during and after a workout.

What do adults need to pay attention to?

Adults are asked to enter the fencing hall via the doors overlooking the grass field. Fencing bags must remain out of the fencing hall, so for adults this will be outside under the roof.

Do you need to wear fencing gear?

Yes, with fencing starting back up, all members must wear fencing gear throughout the training.

Are we allowed to bring non-members?

No, the classes are only open to members at this point of time. Non-members are welcome as soon as the current measures are lifted. Parents, other family and friends are not allowed in the fencing hall.