Corona measures at SCA

How is SCA responding to the Covid-19 situation?


The Dutch government has allowed sport associations to reopen under certain conditions. The SCA board and the SCA coaches have discussed how this could be done in a safe and responsible manner at SCA. SCA has drawn up a plan in which the guidelines of the cabinet, RIVM, NOC * NSF, KNAS and the municipality of Amsterdam are carefully followed. Directly relevant information for our fencers can be found below.

Class Times


19:00-20:00 Adults (Intensive)


17:00-18:00 Youth <13
18:30-19:30 Youth 13-18


19:00-20:00 Adults (Calm)
20:15-21:15 Regiotraining KNAS*


17:00-18:00 Youth <13
18:30-19:30 Youth 13-18

*Only upon invitation

Take note that adult members can currently only join a single class per week.

To avoid clustering it is important to arrive at most 10 minutes in advance of a training.


Questions about the measures at SCA? First check whether they have been answered below.

What are children up to 12 years old allowed to do?

Children up to 12 years old can participate in outdoor classes by our coaches Daniel and Matthijs at Frans Otten Stadium (FOS) on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 PM to 6 PM. The coaches will teach their classes on the lawn behind the fencing room.

What are teenagers aged 13 to 18 years old allowed to do?

Outdoor lessons will also be organized for children aged 13 to 18, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Participants must keep a distance of one and a half meters, which will be supervised by the coaches. In case the turn-put is large, members will be divided over several evenings. These lessons will mainly consist of physical exercises and footwork.

What does SCA expect from parents and caretakers?

Because the facilities of the FOS remain closed, we ask parents to arrange as much in advance as possible. For example, make sure that children are already dressed for outdoor sports, that they have been to the toilet, and that they have a filled water bottle and warm clothing.

We aim to avoid the shared use of SCA material. When possible, we ask members to bring their own vests, masks and gloves. For those who are not in the possession of these, equipment can be borrowed for a joint deposit of € 50. This can be done via the steps below:
– E-mail us what material your child does not yet have at A child needs a fencing jacket, mask and glove.
– Bring a € 50 deposit in an envelope with your child’s name. You can also transfer the amount to NL75INGB0005258301 prior to the first training, stating the name of your son or daughter in the description.
– Give your child a large sports bag to take the equipment home with you.
– We write down what your child has borrowed on our loan form and you will receive a photo of this. Your child will receive a letter with care and washing instructions.
Do you want to avoid borrowing fencing equipment? It is also possible to order fencing equipment via

Drop off and pick up
Parents are not allowed to be present during the training under penalty of fines. Parents are therefore requested to drop off children at the FOS gate before training. One of our coach will receive the children. Parents are asked to relieve public transport. After the training, parents are expected to pick up their children on time. Pay attention to the distance of one and a half meters.

When are you allowed to train?

Does your child have a cold? Stay at home. Has there been any recent contact with a corona patient? Stay at home. Only together can we fight the coronavirus.

Where do the fencing classes take place?

The fencing classes take place outside on the lawn behind the fencing hall. The entrance is via the parking lot. Please note that the facilities of the Frans Otten Stadium are not accessible during this period.

To what should members be attentive?

In order to be able to exercise safely together, it is important that we follow the RIVM guidelines. That means that you have to stay at home when you have an illness or a cold. You should also wash your hands before and after a workout. And always keep a distance of one and a half meters – before, during and after a workout.

What equipment should adult members take along to classes?

If possible, bring a glove, mask, and weapon. You do not need a vest. Also bring a filled bottle of water and warm clothing in case of bad weather and cold evenings.

Do you need to wear fencing gear?

No, sportswear suitable for outdoor sports is sufficient. Shorts may be worn too.

What do the classes entail?

Classes for those over 13 will mainly consist of physical exercises and footwork. With due observance of the RIVM guideline, only children under the age of 13 may fence against each other.

Will there continue to be Zoom classes?

No, these have been replaced with the new outdoor classes.

Are we allowed to bring non-members?

No, the classes are only open to members at this point of time. Non-members are welcome as soon as the current measures are lifted. Parents, other family and friends are not allowed on the grounds of the Frans Otten Stadium.