SCA offers fencing classes for various group, but aims to provide the means for as many members to enjoy this sport together. That’s why competitive and recreational fencers often fencing at the same time, on all weapons. We strive for a social and safe environment for all classes in which members can practice fencing in which ever way they want. All appropriate classes are freely available for members. We advise members to turn up at least twice a week to make progress!

What do classes involve?

All classes follow the same generic pattern consisting of a warming-up, footwork, exercises and freely fencing. With the youth more attention is put on developing coordination and motor skills. After the common part, the trainers will give individual fencing lessons while others fence bouts.

Training bij SCA


Monday19:00-20:30Recreational / BeginnersMatthijsFrans Otten Stadion
Tuesday18:00-19:00Youth <11Matthijs & DaniëlFrans Otten Stadion
Tuesday19:00-20:30Youth <15Matthijs & DaniëlFrans Otten Stadion
Tuesday20:30-22:00AdultsMatthijs & DaniëlFrans Otten Stadion
Wednesday16:30-17:45Youth <11DaniëlApollohal
Wednesday17:45-19:00Youth <15DaniëlApollohal
Thursday18:00-19:00Youth <11Matthijs & DaniëlFrans Otten Stadion
Thursday19:00-20:30Youth <15Matthijs & DaniëlFrans Otten Stadion
Thursday20:30-22:00AdultsMatthijs, Daniël & ArashFrans Otten Stadion
Friday19:00-20:30Youth <11 and youth <15Matthijs & DaniëlFrans Otten Stadion
Friday20:30-22:00AdultsMatthijs & DaniëlFrans Otten Stadion


Classes continue throughout the year including during the summer. The schedule is however adapted for the youth during the summer, and is announced before the holidays. The Frans Otten Stadion is closed on most official holidays prohibiting any classes. A timely announcement regarding these days is usually made via social media, or a newsletter. We recommend checking these media before leaving for the fencing location to avoid disappointment.