News Update 28 Nov (EN): Training and Corona Regulations Update

Dear members,

The new corona measures unfortunately mean that SCA has to adapt again. We find it important that everyone can keep playing sports and we are therefore looking for solutions to keep fencing. For the next two weeks, at least the training possibilities listed below are available at Frans Otten Stadion. We also hope to soon hear more about training possibilities at Apollohal. Please note that there won’t be training sessions upcoming Monday and Tuesday. In addition, we would like to ask all senior members to register before a training session via this sign-up sheet.

Furthermore, the previously announced club championships will also be postponed. We hope to soon communicate new dates!

Lastly, we would like to ask 18+ members to wear a face mask inside again when not fencing.

Training schedule 1 December until 12 December

Wednesday 1 December
7:00-8:30 seniors
9:00-10:30 seniors
15:30-17:00 youth

Friday 3 December
15:30-17:00 youth

Sunday 5 December
13:30-15:15 seniors
15:15-17:00 seniors

Monday 6 December
15:30-17:00 youth

Tuesday 7 December
9:30-11:30 seniors

Wednesday 8 December
7:00-8:30 seniors
9:00-10:30 seniors
15:30-17:00 youth

Friday 10 December
15:30-17:00 youth

Saturday 11 December
10:00-12:00 seniors

Sunday 12 December
12:00-14:00 seniors

Hopefully we can soon provide you with more information and training possibilities!

See you on the piste soon!

SchermCentrum Amsterdam