News Update 6 Nov (EN): New Corona Regulations

Dear SCA Members, 

This week the government announced new corona measures. Specifically, this means that sporting venues will have to check corona passes (QR codes) at the entrance for visitors 18 years and older. For SCA, this means that FOS employees will check QR codes before entry. Starting today, everyone visiting SCA will not be able to enter the fencing hall from the side (parking lot) entrance anymore, but will have to go via the main entrance and show a QR code (members 18 and older) and proof of identity. At the Apollohal, visitors could also be asked to show the QR code for entry. We hope that the new measures won’t prevent members from coming to training and staying fit and healthy!


Shoes and clothing at the training
Our trainers would like to remind (youth) members to make sure to bring proper sporting and fencing clothes to training. This means that you won’t be able to participate wearing denim jeans or shoes that you also wear outside.

See you at the piste soon!

SchermCentrum Amsterdam