Who are our coaches?

At SCA, we have no fewer than five coaches to support our members:

Matthijs Rohlfs

Foil & Epee Coach

Daniël Nivard

Sabre & Foil Coach

Arash Sheikh

Sabre Coach

Rezk Nawar

Epee Coach

Dirk Jan van Egmond

Assistant Coach

What is their background?

Matthijs Rohlfs

Head SCA Coach

Teaches juniors and seniors classes in foil and épée on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Also provides KNAS trainings and the SCA introduction courses.

I started fencing in 1991, when I was 10 years old, and I participated as a pupil in my first tournament in 1993. Between 1996 and 2005 I competed in National Championships, European Championships and World Championships. Among my achievements are nine individual Dutch titles in foil. I gained much experience during this time period and discovered different ways of training. I love all facets of the sport and believe that fun and passion are the foundation for all fencers, both recreational and professional. I would like to convey my experience as a competition fencer and the love for the sport to the members of SCA.

Since I started teaching in 2005, I have completed the Maître d’Escrime training (fencing teacher Level 4). I also provide the weekly national KNAS foil training and I have coached fencer Saskia van Erven Garcia at the Olympic Games in London in 2012. Last but not least, I am part of the KNAS Foil Coaching Team.

I teach lessons for SCA and KNAS on behalf of my own company Rohlfs Training & Coaching. In addition to my work at SCA, I give company training, fencing workshops and private lessons for companies and individuals. Moreover, I graduated as a social psychologist at the University of Amsterdam in 2009.

Daniël Nivard

Head SCA Coach

Teaches juniors and seniors classes in foil and sabre on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

I started fencing at ASV Van Oeveren at the age of 11. Here I was taught the principles of fencing by SCA honorary member Bep van der Pol. Later on, I switched to Fencing Club Rana, where I was taught by Boudewijn and Ischa Mooren. They helped me to become a competitive fencer. As a competitive fencer, I participated in the Junior World Cup in Austria in 2005. Furthermore, I have won several medals at Dutch Championships and Dutch Junior Championships.

I started teaching at SCA in 2008, and simultaneously started studying Sport Management & Entrepreneurship. I completed my SM&O study in 2012, after which I started teaching full-time. I am a qualified Maître d’Escrime coach (fencing teacher Level 4 on foil and saber). I am also part of the KNAS Foil Coaching Team.

In addition to my work for SCA, I am the owner and founder of DNCoaching. Through my company I want to bring fencing to the attention of as many people as possible. Are you interested in following a fencing workshop or organising fencing classes at children’s parties or schools? Please contact me via my website.

Arash Sheikh

SCA Coach

Teaches juniors and seniors classes on sabre on Thursdays.

I became acquainted with fencing when I was 10 years old and lived in Iran. My father gave me my first lessons in sabre. It was love on first sight. My talent was quickly recognized by the Iranian national trainer at the time and later by my Russian trainer as well. I have won several national and international trophies, first as a member of the Iranian national sabre team, then as a member of the Dutch national sabre team. Additionally, I have been the national champion in sabre in both Iran and the Netherlands. Finally, I have participated in several Fencing World Cups and Junior World Cups.

Since I wished to share my knowledge and experiences, I decided to become a sabre coach. In 2017, I followed a three-month training to become a saber maître in Budapest and obtained my FIE Coaching Certificate. This training was offered through collaboration of the FIE and the University of Physical Education Budapest. During this training in Budapest my goal to become a professional fencing coach came closer. Besides practical coaching and training in old and new techniques, I was also trained by the University of Budapest in physiology, pedagogy, training theory, sports psychology and “sports, strategy and management”. Since 2017 I am a fencing coach (level 4) in sabre and part of the KNAS Sabre Coaching Team.

In addition to being fencer and trainer, I am an IT consultant. I have graduated in computer science from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Rezk Nawar

SCA Coach, Épée

Teaches seniors on épée on Fridays.

I started fencing as a young boy in 1977, first as a floret fencer and then as an epee fencer in AFC, Alexandria, Egypt. In 1981, I won my first Egyptian title epee junior. I have joined the Egyptian National Team Epee 1981 to 1992 and competed in many National, regional (Mediterranean) and international tournaments, including the World Cup Junior [T32], World Championship junior, African Championship [Silver medal] and Arab Championship [3 golden medals].

August  2013 was my “comeback” moment to fencing; after many years of not training,I joined many National and International tournaments. The highest point was capturing the silver medal in the Veterans World Championship (Cat. 50y-59y) in 2015 and took 13th place a year later.  Among my achievements after the comeback are winning the Dutch titles veterans [NKV] several times and reaching T8/T4 in The Dutch National open [NK] and KNAS tournament.

I started coaching voluntarily for SCA in 2018, hoping to use my experience in fencing to help others improve in the sport. In September 2020 I became an official coach at SCA. I have a “results-oriented” approach and work with fencers who share the same mindset. I enjoy training both competitive and recreational fencers.

Besides fencing for a long time, I have studied civil engineering up at the post-graduate level in Egypt and The Netherlands and I work as a senior civil structural engineer.

Dirk Jan van Egmond

SCA Assistant Coach

Occasionally supports the SCA coaches on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Enthusiastic competitive fencer.

I started fencing 14 years ago and have competed in national and international competitions ever since, including several European Championships and World Championships. In 2017, I became the Dutch senior champion. I also lived in London and Salzburg and trained there at top clubs during my studies and internship there. As an occasional assistant coach at SCA, I hope to pass on my experience and knowledge to other fencers