Our history

Amsterdam fencing associations Zaal van Oeveren and En Garde fused on 1 January 2005 and continued together under the name of SchermCentrum Amsterdam (SCA). This step was taken because both associations believed in joining forces at an administrative, organizational and sporting level. The fuse resulted in more sparring partners, fencing with multiple weapons (foil, saber and epee) and more training options for our fencers. Moreover, the necessary framework of referees, teachers, board, tournament organization, etc. was considerably strengthened.
SCA is therefore still a young association, but it has its roots in two associations with a considerable history.
In May 2017, Fencing Association RANA ceased to exist, and this association continued as part of SCA.

ASV Zaal van Oeveren

Fencing Academy Van Oeveren was founded on November 9th 1971 by Maître Ruud van Oeveren. In the summer of 1991, Maître van Oeveren moved to France to teach and start a fencing museum. The members of the Schermacademie decided to continue under his name: General Fencing Association Zaal van Oeveren was born! They chose to train at the Frans Otten Stadium and the association has continued to do so to this day. Ever since its founding in 1971, the association has been very active. A large number of Dutch and foreign fencers have fenced for longer or shorter periods at the association at both a recreational and (inter) national competitive level. The association is proud of the many national titles achieved by its members. The association has also organized or helped organize various events such as the Dutch Championship Foil 1994 and the Dutch Championship Sabre 1997. The association is also part of SISTA, the International Fencing Tournament Foundation Amsterdam, and organizes two tournaments each year: the SISTA-US and the SISTA -MMIT. The latter one is the only tournament in the Netherlands with the Satellite-A status of the FIE. Members of the Zaal van Oeveren membership also become in board members, such as Peter Sorber, who was elected chairman of the KNAS in 2010.

ASV En Garde

ASV En Garde was founded as a part of Zaal Visser. That association organized, as an experiment, two fencing dependencies in the city center of Amsterdam led by Maître Bertram Bouthoorn. This construction turned out to be a golden opportunity. En Garde focused on recruiting school children, who could become members through the municipal sports project “Jeugdsport in Beweging”. Fencers of En Garde have won many national and international competitions. There have also been many national junior champions. However, one problem of En Garde was that it heavily depended on a single trainer. After a leg injury and surgery, Bertram had to decide to teach less. In the meantime, the board of En Garde had already expressed a desire in 1998 to fuse with other fencing associations because this would offer more continuity for members and an opportunity to fully develop both recreational and competitive sports. Through the fusion with ASV Zaal van Oeveren, the vision of En Garde – fun and sportsmanship – lives on in SCA.


Fencing association RANA was founded as an independent association by a group of enthusiastic fencers from the School of Philosophy on April 21st 1992. The driving force behind the association was Maître Boudewijn Mooren. At that time he was a student at the Fencing Academy of Maître Ruud van Oeveren, where he also obtained his maître diplomas. The association mainly focused on junior fencing. The junior fencers of the association quickly achieved national successes at regular tournaments and at Dutch Championships. International competitions were also regularly visited. Ultimately, eight fencers qualified for Youth World Championships through the association. In October 1992, the association organized the first national RANA Tournament. This tournament was a great success from the start. Later the tournament became international. The first RANA Tournament consisted of foil fencing – men and women – and saber wheelchair fencing for disabled fencers. Because of this success, the tournament has been organized by the “International Fencing Tournament Amsterdam” since 1997 at the initiative of fencing association RANA. A partnership of / with Amsterdam fencing schools. Due to his age, Boudewijn decided to stop teaching and the association fused with SCA in 2017. And so the vision of Fencing Association RANA, “Joy that arises during battle”, will live on through SCA.

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