SchermCentrum Amsterdam offers adult fencing for all levels of fencers, from beginner to competitive, for all ages & weapons. The only prerequisite is that you've completed an introductory course, or have previous fencing experience.

We offer the opportunity for you to train in a safe and social environment at your pace, as well as receive guidance and advice from one of our experienced trainers.

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Training Structure

SCA offers fencing classes for various groups, but aims to provide the means for as many members to enjoy this sport together. That’s why competitive and recreational fencers often fence at the same time, on all weapons. This means you have the chance to both fence at your own level, as well as challenge and observe more experienced fencers to help push yourself to the next level!

Our trainings follow the follow structure:

  • Warm-Up
  • Footwork and light technical training
  • Group sparring with individual lessons

Training Schedule

Our trainers recommend training at least twice a week to progress in the sport. You can find our training schedule here.

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