All members of SchermCentrum Amsterdam are given full access to SCA facilities and training for a single price.

You’ll also be invited to SCA events, including our annual BBQ and Club Competitions.

Become a SCA Member

Ready to join the club? Download the application form here.

How to Become a Member

Being a member of SCA is as easy as completing a registration form. You can do this one of two ways:

  1. You will receive this form from your coaches once you have completed the introduction course or your trial lessons.
  2. You can download the registration form here. Please fill in the form, sign it digitally, and email it to

Once your application has been processed, you will be a member of the largest and most engaged fencing club in the Netherlands. Welcome!

Membership Pricing

SCA offers four membership categories, each with a monthly contribution fee.

Contribution Fee

Juniors (till 18)

€33 per month

Student (with student ID)

€40 per month


€47 per month

Guest Member (KNAS member via other club)*

€31 per month

Single lesson (excluding individual lesson)

€15 per training

*Guest members cannot apply for individual lessons with SCA coaches. Guest members neither take part in the SCA club championships nor in the general assembly of SCA members.

Contribution is collected automatically each month.


All SCA members automatically become members of the Royal Dutch Fencing Association (KNAS), for which they pay an annual contribution. This contribution is €34,80 for members up to 20 years old and €69,90 for members of 21 years old and older. The contribution is automatically collected once per year.

KNAS membership is compulsory for all fencers in the Netherlands as it provides liability insurance for fencers and fencing clubs. Moreover, KNAS uses this contribution for supporting the national fencing sport in regard to fencing tournaments, professional sport, fencing clubs, etc.

Cancelling Your Membership

If you wish to cancel your SCA membership, you must send an email stating so to Please observe the notice period of one calendar month.

You can only cancel your membership by using the email address above – merely notifying your coaches or sending your email to a different address is not sufficient to cancel your membership. The membership administration will confirm the cancellation of your membership by email provided all outstanding fees have been paid in full.

Transferring to Another Club

If you plan to continue fencing at a different fencing club, we can transfer your current KNAS-membership to your new club. Please inform us of this in your cancellation request if so and we will arrange for this to happen.

Take note: without a written notice of termination, you are obliged to pay a contribution, even if you do not attend any fencing classes.