There are a number of organizations that can be of use to fencers of SCA.

KNAS is the Dutch fencing federation. Here you can find rankings, qualification rankings, information on competitions, and information about the sport. You can contact the Dutch federation on their site.

Nahouw is the Dutch national competition website. It serves as a digital calendar of (almost) all national and international competitions, on any level for any fencer in the Netherlands. You can also register here for these competitions, including national championships, the national youth competitions, amateur competitions, etcetera. It is possible to join several national competitions with your SCA membership, if you also possess a KNAS membership. In the event that you do not own one, please feel free to mail the membership administrator for more information or to apply for one!

Live updates of fencing tournament results worldwide.

Live results from Dutch competitions. The link is only live during competitions.

Would your child like to play sports but not enough money at home? The Jeugdfonds Sport helps! They are also there for freelancers with too few assignments, or if you have money worries as a result of the coronacrisis. For children and young people between 2 and 18 years, they pay membership or tuition fees and can possibly cover items such as sportswear.

This page lists all the schemes for extra support for children from Amsterdam.

FIE is the international fencing federation that functions as an overarching organ over all global fencing federations. On their website, you can find international rankings, find data on fencers around the globe, see a calendar of all international tournaments, and find information on qualifications of certain competitions. The FIE is also responsible for making new rules for fencing and always publish those on their website.

SchermCentrum Amsterdam is part of the Amsterdam Topsport Organization. Topsport Amsterdam is the Amsterdam Top Sports Organization with which you can come in contact with if you want to become a high-level competition fencer at our club. Ask our trainers for more info on becoming such a fencer if you would like to become one.

EuroFencing is the European Confederation of Fencing. On their website, you can find information on European fencers, find European rankings, see a calendar of all European competitions, and find information on fencing and the confederation itself.

The NOC*NSF is the Dutch National Sports Organization. Here you can find information on national top sports and other related information.