SCA attaches great importance to a positive climate in which everyone can play sports safely, and with pleasure. Feeling safe in sports applies to both physical and mental safety.

Everyone bears their own responsibility in this, whether you are a trainer, coach, athlete or parent/guardian.

Our Confidential Advisor

The Council of Amsterdam requires all registered clubs to have a Confidential Advisor (VCP). The VCP is a trusted individual who can provide confidential consultation in the event that you experience, or observe, any undesirable behavior at our club. This could include bullying, intimidation, harassment, or discrimination. Any individual who has regrettably demonstrated this behavior may also contact the VCP.

SchermCentrum Amsterdam’s VCP is Frans Schaafsma, father to a SCA fencer and a member of Talent Parent Committee of the Dutch Fencing Organizational Community (KNAS) for over 10 years. Frans is a full-time business coach and passionate about contributing to a safe and healthy environment for athletes of all ages.

Frans can be contacted via email or via phone 0646 306 741.

Frans Schaasfma

Our Safe Sport Policy


From youth to veterans, it’s important that we respect each other. As such, we talk to each other and not about each other, we do not bully and we respect each other’s individuality, opinion and vision. Quite normal expectations.
The most important aspect? Calling out undesirable behaviour. Do you notice something happening and it doesn’t quite feel right? Gather your courage, and talk to the person about it. In this way we help each other to create a safe sports climate.


Trainers not only teach members skills in the field of sports, but, partly due to the long-term and intensive contact, they (un)consciously play an important role in the education of our athletes. Because of their exemplary role, we place higher demands on our trainers.

For an appointment
Our trainers (>18 years) must be able to submit a certificate of good conduct (VOG) before they are deployed at SCA. Reading about, and pursuing a safe sports climate is also a must.

During a workout
During trainings, we expect our trainers to have a professional attitude and to remain aware of their exemplary role. SCA trainers must treat athletes, colleagues and the board with respect.

We expect our trainers to address not only members about undesirable behaviour, but also fellow trainers. We also expect them to be active in obtaining and providing information if a safe sports climate is at stake.

In training we also strive to operate under the four-eyes principle. At least two authorized members should be present with everything SCA organizes. By authorized, we mean trainers, board members or members of the club vested with a responsibility. In this way we ensure that no unsafe sports situations are consciously created.

Parents & Guardians

Parents/guardians play an important role for our youth. The way they interact with each other and with children forms the basis for the standards of our youthful athletes. Reflecting on (non-)verbal behavior towards one’s own child, trainer(s), other athlete(s) and parents/carers is therefore important. That is why we also ask parents/guardians to address each other about undesirable behaviour.

It is also important that parents/carers give trainers the space to provide their training and learning moments. The world can look different from the stands than on the training floor. This means that when you attend training sessions as a parent/guardian, you are calm and do not disturb the training process.


You can always contact SCA with questions and comments. We stand for open and transparent communication.

Do you have general questions? Please contact

Did you feel unsafe at SCA? Please contact our confidential advisor, and they will help you further.