SCA attaches great importance to a positive climate in which everyone can play sports safely and with pleasure. Feeling safe in sports applies to both physical and mental safety. Everyone bears their own responsibility in this, whether you are a trainer, coach, athlete or parent/guardian.

Basic Requirements

All sports providers with a relationship with the municipality of Amsterdam meet the basic requirements to prevent misconduct. Our club ensures that:

  • All coaches and mentors working with youth up to the age of 17 or other vulnerable groups have a Certificate of Good Conduct (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag).
  • All coaches and mentors sign the Code of Conduct for Social Safety of the municipality of Amsterdam.
  • We have appointed Confidential Contact Persons (VCP), whose identities we disclose to our members.

Confidential Contact Persons (VCP) at SCA

SchermCentrum Amsterdam strives to prevent misconduct. For members who experience or witness misconduct, our association has Confidential Contact Persons (VCP). The VCP serves as an accessible first point of contact where you can confidentially report complaints about issues such as bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, and other forms of misconduct. The VCP acts as the initial support for members (athletes, parents of athletes, spectators, coaches, volunteers, board members) with a complaint or question. Additionally, the VCP advises and encourages the association to take preventive measures.

The Confidential Contact Person will not personally handle the complaints but will guide you toward a proper resolution. The Confidential Contact Person is aware of the available resources for assistance and can inform you about procedures and possible next steps.

If you wish to have a confidential conversation about something that has happened to you and want to discuss it in confidence, please contact one of our Confidential Contact Persons.


Christien Muusse

Confidential Advisor

One of SchermCentrum Amsterdam’s VCP’s is Christien Muusse. She is the mother of two youth fencers at SCA and is often present at youth tournaments. She is dedicated to creating a safe and healthy sporting environment for both young and old. Christien can be contacted via email or via phone 06 24 870 583.

Resham Newalsing

Confidential Advisor

Another VCP at SchermCentrumAmsterdam is Resham Newalsing. Resham has been involved in fencing for decades and can often be seen at SCA, where he places great importance on the enjoyment of the sport. Resham can be contacted via email or via phone 06 10 284 005.


Contacts Outside SCA

There are also Confidential Contact Persons outside our association whom you can reach out to. This includes the fencing association KNAS and the Center for Safe Sports Netherlands (Centrum Veilige Sport Nederland). At the Center for Safe Sports Netherlands, there is also an option for completely anonymous contact. Below, you can read about how and where to get in touch.

Confidential Contact Person at KNAS
Confidential Contact Persons from the fencing association (KNAS) are accessible to all KNAS members and other involved individuals. You can contact them regarding personal dilemmas, unpleasant experiences, or any deviations from the standards, values, and norms in our sport. Conversations with a Confidential Contact Person are always confidential.
Contact: Confidential Contact Person | KNAS

Center for Safe Sports Netherlands
In collaboration with sports associations, NOC*NSF has established the Center for Safe Sports Netherlands. Here, you can ask questions or report incidents that may violate the rules, values, and norms in sports. These may include personal dilemmas or unpleasant experiences, as well as reporting misconduct by others. In a confidential conversation with a trusted person or advisor, you can discuss what troubles you and explore potential steps to address the issue. You always retain control over what happens with your story.
Contact: Center for Safe Sports Netherlands
For fully anonymous contact: SpeakUp

General Questions or Complaints

For general questions or comments, you can always reach out to SCA. We are committed to open and transparent communication.
If you have general questions or complaints, please contact

Our Safe Sport Policy


From youth to veterans, it is important that we respect each other. We communicate with each other, not about each other. We do not tolerate bullying, and we respect each other’s individuality, opinions, and perspectives. These are all basic expectations.
Most importantly, we hold each other accountable for undesirable behaviour. If you notice something that doesn’t feel right, gather your courage and address it with the person involved. This is how we help each other create a safe sporting environment.


Coaches not only teach skills in sports but, due to their long-term and intensive interaction, also play an important role in the upbringing of our athletes. Because of their role models, we have higher expectations for our coaches.

During training sessions, we expect our coaches to maintain a professional attitude and to be aware of their role as role models. SCA coaches must treat athletes, colleagues, and the association’s board respectfully. We expect our coaches not only to address undesirable behaviour in athletes but also among fellow coaches. Furthermore, we expect them to actively seek and provide information when a safe sporting environment is at risk. We also implement the “four-eye principle” during training sessions. For all SCA activities, at least two qualified members must be present, defined as trainers or board members. This ensures that no deliberately unsafe sports situations occur.

Parents & Guardians

Parents and caregivers play a crucial role in the lives of our youth. The way they interact with each other and with children forms the foundation for our young athletes’ values. Therefore, we ask parents and caregivers to address undesirable behaviour with each other. It is also essential for parents and caregivers to allow trainers to conduct their training sessions and learning moments without disruption. The view from the stands can differ from what happens on the training floor. If you attend training sessions as a parent or caregiver, you should remain calm and not disrupt the training process.