SchermCentrum Amsterdam is the largest and most engaged club in the Netherlands. It was founded officially in 2005, when two historical Amsterdam Fencing Clubs, Zaal van Oeveren and En Garde, fused together to create a larger fencing association. The club continued to grow in size when, in 2017, Fencing Associations RANA merged with SCA to make SchermCentrum Amsterdam the modern club it is today.

Thanks to the merging of three historical fencing clubs, SCA, while technically a young club, benefits from a mixture of new and experienced fencers, coaches, and referees across all ages.

Three Historical Clubs Became One

ASV Zaal van Oeveren

Founded in 1971 by Maître Ruud van Oeveren, ASV Zaal van Oeveren has a long history of dedicated and passionate fencers performing at the highest level in Dutch Fencing. ASV Zaal van Oeveren trained at the Bep van der Pol Hall in the Frans Otten Stadion (FOS), where SCA continues to train to this day.

ASV En Garde

Founded by Maître Bertram Bouthoorn, ASV En Garde has raised many Dutch National and Junior Champions. After Maître Bertram Bouthoorn’s retirement, En Garde looked to merge with another club, leading to today’s SchermCentrum Amsterdam.

SV Rana

Founded by Maître Boudewijn Mooren, a student of Maître Ruud van Oeveren, SV Rana was known for training talented junior fencers, and merged with Schermcentrum Amsterdam in 2017.