SchermCentrum Amsterdam is the Netherlands' largest and most successful fencing club. But we're about more than just winning medals. SCA is a club made up by its passionate trainers and members of all ages and levels.

We put extra effort into making sure that anyone can have a safe and fun fencing experience. We also work hard to give all club members the opportunity to meet, train, and have fun with each other.

Joining SCA means:

  • Receiving high quality training for all levels of fencing
  • Having access to all fencing weapons- Épée, Foil, Sabre
  • Meeting new friends!

Meet our Trainers

SchermCentrum Amsterdam’s trainers are some of the most award-winning in the Netherlands. We are proud to provide the highest quality of fencing coaching in all three weapons, Épée, Foil, and Sabre. Meet our trainers:

Matthijs Rohlfs - Head SCA Coach, Foil & Épée

Matthijs Rohlfs

Head SCA Coach, Foil

One of the most accredited fencers in the Netherlands, Matthijs is 9 times Dutch National Champion,with many more international competitions under his belt. Matthijs is a coach for the Dutch National Fencing Team, and has also coached Saskia van Erven Garcia during the 2012 London Olympics. He has been coaching since 2005, and completed the Maître d’Escrime training (fencing teacher level 4). Matthijs loves all facets of the sport and believes that fun and passion are the foundation for all fencers, both recreational and professional.

Matthijs also gives company trainings, fencing workshops and private lessons for companies and individuals through his own company, Rohlfs Training & Coaching.

Daniël Nivard

Head SCA Coach, Foil & Sabre

Daniel is a multi-medaled fencer at the Dutch Championships and Junior Champions, having fenced since the age of 11. He has been coaching at SCA since 2008, where he has been training SCA fencers at all levels and ages in foil and sabre. Daniel is a coach on the Dutch National Team, and coached Saskia van Erven Garcia during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Daniel is founder and owner of DNCoaching, through which he gives private fencing workshops to schools, groups, and individuals.

Daniël Nivard - Head SCA Coach, Sabre & Foil
Arash Sheikh - SCA Coach, Sabre

Arash Sheikh

SCA Coach, Sabre

Having started fencing at the age of 10, Arash has won the sabre national championships in both the Netherlands and Iran, and has competed and won additional trophies on an international level for both the Dutch and Iranian National Teams. Arash has been a Sabre Coach since 2017, and is a coach of the Dutch National Sabre Team.

Rezk Nawar

SCA Coach, Épée

Rezk is a multi-medalled Épéeist, including gold medals at the Arab Championships, Dutch Veterans Championships, and silver medals at the World Veterans Championships and African Championships. With a career of over 40 years in fencing, Rezk brought his experience to SCA as Épée Coach in 2020, where he trains and works with fencers on all ages and levels.

Rezk Nawar - SCA Coach, Épée
Dirk, Assistant Coach

Dirk Jan van Egmond

SCA Assistant Coach, Foil

Dirk is a Dutch National Champion and current member of the Dutch National Team, competing both individually and with the team on an international level. Dirk is an Assistant Coach at SCA, providing support to the coaches during trainings.

Elise Butin Bik

SCA Assistant Coach, Foil

As a foil fencer, Elise has been Dutch Youth Champion with the Cadets and Juniors, she has represented The Netherlands seven times at European and World Youth Championships and is part of the National Team. She has been assisting and teaching fencing since the age of 12, after which she obtained her teaching diploma level 3 (in 2021).


The SCA Board

Schermcentrum Amsterdam is built for fencers, by fencers. All board members of SCA are passionate, active fencers. If you have any suggestions on how to make our club even better, please reach out to us!

The History of SCA

The SchermCentrum Amsterdam of today is the result of Amsterdam fencing associations Zaal van Oeveren, En Garde, and SVA Rana joining and continuing together under the name of SchermCentrum Amsterdam (SCA). Learn more about the history here.