Frequently Asked Questions

What is fencing?

Fencing is a modern and exciting sport that has developed from the practice of duelling in centuries past. A fencer’s aim is to score points by landing hits on their opponent, without being hit themselves. In order to achieve this, fencers require different techniques such as feints, surprise attacks and parries. Focus, speed, strategy and endurance are essential, as well as good sportsmanship and respect: before and after a bout both fencers salute each other and the referee. All in all, fencing is a multi-facetted sport that is ideal for men and women of all ages.

Why do people choose to fence?

There are many reasons why people take up fencing. For example, fencing at the SCA:
– helps you relax better after school or work
– increases your fitness
– improves your physical and cognitive abilities
– guarantees companionship and having fun with your new fencing friends
– helps you reaching the top of the fencing sport, if you are ambitious
– can be done just for fun: you can pretend to be Zorro!

Does SCA expect me to become a competitive fencer?

No, SCA does not expect you to become a competitive fencer. Fencers of all ages, experiences and ambitions are welcome at SCA. However, if you aspire a competitive career, we offer all facilities for reaching the top of the fencing sport.

What can I achieve within the fencing world?

Most of our fencers, especially the youth, dream of achieving great results at tournaments. Winning a tournament draws attention. SCA offers the facilities for fencers to grow to great heights. We do that at the club during classes, in the region with practice tournaments and on a national level with national tournaments. More is however possible!

Fencers from SCA regularly compete at World Cups, European Championships, World Championships and even the Olympic Games (Saskia van Erven Garcia, London 2012). Both young and old SCA members have achieved many national titles and even claimed titles abroad.

Do you too dream of becoming the next champion?

What weapons are used in the fencing sport?

There are three weapons used in modern fencing: foil, épée and sabre.Each weapon has its own rules and strategies, which are all explained during the fencing classes. You can train with each of the three weapons at SCA.

Is it safe to fence?

Safety is an absolute priority in the fencing sport. Fencing weapons are light, flexible and blunt. Protective clothing and masks are mandatory. Also, every fencer is instructed in important safety rules and is obliged to follow these rules at all times.
Furthermore, fencing is a sport that is not prone to injuries. In fact, it is a much safer sport compared to football, hockey or tennis. Every class starts with a warming-up to avoid injuries and to prepare the body for action.

What equipment do I need?

You need a pair of long sports trousers, a t-shirt and indoor sports shoes. If you have just started fencing, you can borrow fencing equipment at the club. However, we recommend you purchase your own equipment after a few months.

What else do I need?

A lot of enthusiasm and fun! Also, the motivation to develop your potential and to train frequently. Everyone can learn how to fence, but practice makes perfect. We invite you to join as many fencing classes as possible!

Is fencing an expensive sport?

In spite of its reputation of being an elite sport, fencing is, in fact, not as costly as many other sports, especially for beginners. Starting fencers need only pay contribution, and can borrow fencing equipment for free at SCA during the first few months. However, we advise you to purchase your own equipment in due course.
Additional costs are dependent on a fencer’s level. Recreational fencers usually spend less on equipment and travelling than fencers who take part in (inter)national competitions. In other words, fencing can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like it to be.